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Magnetic stimulator

Magnetic stimulator

    Magnetic stimulator
    Transcranial Magnetic stimulator(TMS)


    * 한 장비에서 MEP검사 TMS치료가 모두 사용 가능한 Integrated 시스템
    * MEP 기본 장비에서 TMS치료용 장비로 upgrading 가능
    * Frequency(Hz)/Stimulation rate(pps) selectable
    * 2ch. MEP module provided
    * 한 시스템에서 Monophasic / Biphasic 자극펄스 사용 가능
    * Paired stimulation (double stim) available on a mainframe (option)
    * Burst and TBS protocol customizable setting
    * Copy of MEP waveform through USB port provided
    * LAN port provided for using Brain navigation and system's setting control
    * Direct connecting capability available with all EMG system on the market
    * Various coil family provided (with sham coils)

Brain Neuronavigator with STM9000